Gudrun MüllerHomestays & German language school

About us

Our company was founded in 1992 and began with the development of curricula and continuing education course concepts in adult education. It was not only the planning of courses in this field that inspired me, but also their implementation. So I worked both at the Grafing community college as well as for various renowned international companies such as Siemens, Oce´ and BAE Systems and taught foreign employees and managers the German language. This work has always inspired me and motivated me for new ideas.

In 2006 I was approached by an International  "Home Stays "organization, to provide accomodation to students from different countries, while simultaneously teaching them German. I found this activity to be extremely interesting. Since that time, many students from different countries have come to live and learn German with us. Benefiting from being immersed in the language daily, as well as the opportunity to experience the German culture first hand. As part of our program includes outings together in the Munich area. This is a wonderful experience for all.

We represent a friendly and bustling family. Currently we also offer families with, and without children,  the possibility to holiday with us. With either the child participating in German lessons or the parent(s). In this scenerio we offer flexibility to enable a combined language learning holiday to result.

Today we can look back to the beginnings of our company with a very good feeling and say we have not only helped many people to learn the German language, but  we have also made many wonderful friends in the world.