Gudrun MüllerHomestays & German language school

Activities & recreation

Not everything can be formulated in headinggs,  lists  and numbers - so at this point we have included further information about us and what we offer.


What do we offer  our students during their stay with us?

Typically our program consists of two to three hours of  tuition in the morning, followed by a further two to three hours in the afternoon. Our tuition is always individual, and on a one to one basis.  This means that 4 to 5 course hours are undertaken daily, Monday to Friday.  Experience has shown  that this system has a very positive effect on the learning and absorbtion level of the student.  Naturally It is also possible to  select a different combination of lessons and course hours, based on needs of the individual student.

A minimum of 20 teaching hours per week, with a teaching hour representing 45 minutes.

Outside of class time,  the city of Munich and the surrounding areas of Grafing offer an enourmous variety of things to do.  After classes,  we often take walks in the scenic countryside surrounding Grafing.  This enables the student  to practice their German in a relaxed envirionment.  Additionally the student will have every possibility to join with shopping for household items,  again providing the possibility to practice their German on every occasion.


And what about your Recreation time?

Recreational activities are of course always dependent on the interests and hobbies of the individual student, and in this case a wide variety of activities awaits the visitor, for example ...

  • For sports enthusiasts, Grafing has its own health club,
    which you can visit during the day or evening
  • Horse lovers can take advantage of the riding facilities in the surrounding countryside
  • If swimming is your thing,  the magnificent Grafing public swimming pool awaits you
  • Movie fans can relax with a visit to the cinema

However, we also often sit comfortably together , talk and discuss various topics. On the weekend we plan outings according to the request of the student, usually a trip by car, for example, a visit to Schloss Linderhof or another highlight in the surrounding area.

The  S-Bahn to Munich is about a 12 minute walk from our house. Thus it is always possible to take a trip to the  capital city of Bavaria, and the chance to visit places of interest. Certainly there is always something interesting for every student .